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A HAIZ Pod lasts approximately the same time as 2.5 packets of cigarettes.

The HAIZ battery lasts for approximately 1 day with normal use.

Each has pod contains 20mg/ml of nicotine.

Your HAIZ requires very little maintenance. Just keep it charged and clean the metal contacts inside the battery with a q-tip occasionally.

Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavours and nicotine salt.

Just plug the supplied USB cable into a laptop of 0.5A USB wall plug adapter.

You can purchase HAIZ pods from our online store or our stockists featured on our website.

We always recommend keep the charging end of your HAIZ lower than the pod end of your HAIZ to reduce any chance of leaking. If you do find there is liquid leaking from your pod gently blow the excess liquid out into a paper towel. Also ensure the metal contacts in the battery are clean

The indication light on the HAIZ flashes when the battery is flat. Simply charge it up and keep HAIZing!