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About Us

VAPO is the market leader for specialised vaping products in New Zealand and Australia. We use the most reputable manufacturers in the world for our hardware and have all available safety certifications available on request. We ensure we have the best products currently available to supply companies across the world with the latest technology. Our flavour concentrates are manufactured in New Zealand in a world-class ISO5 laboratory facility. All our products go through rigorous emissions and electronic testing to ensure the quality is of the highest standard.
The VAPO brand is designed for everyone from all works of life. Sleek, clean and simple are the key components of the VAPO brand. This is our unique take on a sometimes confusing and cluttered market.
We guarantee all our customers a premium vaping experience.




Our work with the largest supermarket, service stations, convenience stores and service the largest vape shop network in Australasia - making for a world-class wholesale experience. We at VAPO are excited to work closely alongside your brand to expand your success in the UK market.


COMPANY INFORMATION is operated by VAPO (UK) LTD. registered in England and Wales under company registration number 11643607. Our operating business address is 69a Kilburn Park Road, NW6 5LA, London, UK.